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Full songwriting template for Rock, Poppunk, modern Punkrock and even Hardcore!

Update 2.0: Now including a 'free plugins only' version! All the instances of GGD Smash & Grab were replaced with stock Cubase compressors (compatible with Cubase Elements and higher). You will get both the original and the 'free plugins only' version when buying this template. 

Sound demo:

Drumsound Comparison (Processed/unprocessed):


What's included:

  • Mix-Ready drums (GGD Modern & Massive) with MIDI examples and drum map
  • Powerful bass DI processing
  • Modern sounding rhythm guitars
  • Additional guitar tracks for Quad Tracking and Leads
  • FX tracks and bass drops for that extra oomph :P
  • The raw DI tracks of the demo song


  • Cubase 8 and higher (Elements, Artist and Pro)

You need:

***Free software***

***Paid software***


Note: If you don't own the GGD Smash and Grab compressor, I can adjust the template for you and replace it with another compressor! Just hit me up for any customization and we'll find a way! :)


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