Frequently Asked Questions

Kontakt Output Routing

If you are experiencing problems like:

  • Some output channels are not loading properly
  • Some kit pieces are not audible
  • Some channels are mono, but should be stereo


Please try this: Open my Mix-Ready template as you downloaded it (without any changes made) and open the Kontakt interface. Go to the Kontakt output mixer section and click on 'Presets / Batch Configuration' and then 'save current output section state as default for' --> VST Plugin.

Now reopen your DAW and the Mix-Ready template. All the Kontakt output channels should be there and routed correctly!

Kontakt output mixer section

If you want to use your own output settings, you can click on 'Save output section preset as...' and save the Mix-Ready output settings so that you can recall them anytime you want.

Additional info:

Kontakt works best when you route every channel in stereo. Even mono mic channels like Kick In, Kick Out, Snare Top etc. need to be routed in stereo. The following screenshots show how the kontakt output channels should look like in Cubase:

Cubase Kontakt outputs   Cubase Kontakt mixer channels