Songwriting Template "Sweet Rock"

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This is a complete songwriting template for rock and everything with a sweet but energetic vibe! It is using the free Steven Slate Drums 5.5


Sound Demos:

Logic Pro X


Studio One


I wanted to create something with the free Steven Slate Drums 5.5 for a long time and finally I have something that I am proud to share with the world. This drum mix can do sweet and groovy, but also energetic and punchy. I added One Shot Samples to the kick and snare, so that they cut through the mix. All the drum elements are multi-out routed and processed individually. You'll also get my custom Mix-Ready drum map so you can see the names of the drums while programming midi.

The guitar and bass tones are created using Neural DSP Archetype Nolly and Darkglass Ultra. This combination never fails and covers everything from crystal clean to heavily distorted sounds. You will have tracks for clean picking, crunchy tones on the edge of breakup, distorted rhythm tones for humbuckers and single coil pickups... as well als some sweet Leads and FX tones.

Everything is mixed, mastered and ready to go.

Speed up your workflow with the Mix-Ready Sweet Rock Songwriting Template!


This template includes:

  • Mix-Ready drums (Steven Slate Drums 5.5)
  • Mix-Ready One Shot samples to enhance the drumsound
  • Custom Mix-Ready Drum Map for easy drum programming
  • Rhythm, Clean, Crunchy and Lead tones using Neural DSP: Archetype Nolly
  • Additional Octave guitar tones with ML Soundlab: Amped Roots (free)
  • Bass guitar tones with Neural DSP Darkglass Ultra
  • In depth mixing + processing with stock and free plugins only
  • Master bus processing for glue and commercial loudness
  • The DI tracks and whole arrangement of the demo song - so you can listen to the individual elements of the mix and analyse how they add up to the finished mix.



  • Cubase 8 and above (Elements, Artist and Pro)
  • Logic Pro X
  • Reaper
  • Studio One 4 and above

You need (for all DAWs):

* GClip is not needed for the Logic Pro X version, because it uses stock plugins only.

You need (only for Cubase):



I am available for customizations of any of my templates. If you like the setup of a Mix-Ready template, but you want to use other plugins (other drums, other amp sims, other mixing plugins...) then just shoot me an e-mail to :)

Thank you!



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