Songwriting Template "GGD Pop Punk"

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Full songwriting template in the style of Pop Punk like blink-182, Neck Deep, State Champs, The Story So Far... Punchy drums, rock solid bass tone, crunchy rhythm guitars and additional FX.

Sound Demo

Sound Demo



  • Cubase 8 and above (Elements, Artist and Pro)
  • Reaper
  • Logic Pro X
  • Studio One 5 and above
  • FL Studio
  • Ableton Live 11



    This template includes:

    • Mix-Ready drums (GGD OKW 'Pop Punk' with Multi-Out routing)
    • Mix-Ready One Shot samples to reinforce the GGD drum samples
    • Custom Mix-Ready Drum Map for easy drum programming
    • Rhythm, Clean, and Lead guitar tones
    • Plugin chains for real bass guitar and MIDI bass
    • In-depth processing with stock and free plugins only
    • Mastering plugin chain for glue, punch and commercial loudness
    • Additional FX tracks
    • The DI tracks and whole arrangement of the demo song - so you can listen to the individual elements of the mix and analyse how they add up to the finished mix.



    The guys at GetGood Drums have gifted us with another incredible drum sample library: The GGD OKW 'Pop Punk'. The moment I saw the introduction video to this drum kit, I knew I had to create a Mix-Ready 'GGD Pop Punk' Songwriting Template for it!

    I added additional One Shot samples to the drums so there is another layer of punch. Now these drums cut through the dense wall of bass and guitars.

    You can use a real bass guitar or VSTi bass in this template. The processing is done with stock plugins and the free TSE BOD 3.00 plugin. I prepared the tracks so that you can instantly start recording your bass or write the bass midi.

    The guitar sounds are created with the Neural DSP: Archetype Nolly amp simulation. crunchy rhythm tones, mellow ambient and lead tones - it's all included. Play around with the additional FX tracks (impacts, snare bombs and risers) and see how they lift your songs and add the final 5% to a finished track.

    Speed up your workflow with this Mix-Ready songwriting template!


    You need:

    * GClip is not needed for the Logic Pro X version and Ableton version.

    ** The LimiterNo6 is an amazing free limiter plugin. However - if you have trouble installing it - it can be replaced with any other free or stock limiter.

    Gear used
    • Rhythm guitars: Fender Jazzmaster with Fender single coils (bridge pickup)
    • Clean guitar: Fender Jazzmaster with Fender single coils (middle pickup)
    • Bass guitar: Dingwall NG-3 (bridge pickup, passive mode with no EQ)


    I am available for customizations of any of my templates. If you like the setup of a Mix-Ready template, but you want to use other plugins (other drums, other amp sims, other mixing plugins...) then please send me an e-mail to :)

    Thank you!



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