Songwriting Template "Counterparts"

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Full songwriting template in the style of Counterparts: Tight & punchy drums, gnarly bass tone, juicy rhythm guitars and beautiful leads. Using free plugins & amp sims!


  • Cubase 8 and above (Elements, Artist and Pro)
  • Reaper
  • Logic Pro X
  • Studio One
  • Ableton Live

can be added on request:

  • FL Studio

    This template includes:

    • Mix-Ready drums (Soundblind Drums 'Counterkit' by Counterparts drummer Kyle Brownlee)
    • Custom Mix-Ready Drum Map for easy drum programming
    • Rhythm, Clean, Lead and Bass guitar tones with some of the best free amp sims by ML Sound Lab and STL Tones
    • In-depth processing with stock and free plugins only
    • Master bus processing for glue, punch and commercial loudness
    • The DI tracks and whole arrangement of the demo song: 'Unwavering Vow' by Counterparts, recorded by the incredible @Zainmhz  and myself. So you can listen to the individual elements of the song and analyse how they add up to the finished mix.

    I am very happy to present you: the Mix-Ready Counterparts Songwriting Template!

    Being a fan of Counterparts for years, I always wanted to have my productions sounding like their records. I tried different drum libraries, but never got close enough to be satisfied. When Kyle Brownlee (drummer of Counterparts) announced his very first drum library "Counterkit", I was excited like a little child right before christmas.

    What can I say? This drum library absolutely slams. It makes good use of the built in Kontakt processing and with a little tweaking I got it to sound just like I always wanted. I reached out to @Zainmhz  who is doing some great covers of Counterparts songs on his YouTube channel. He hooked me up with his DI tracks for the song "Unwavering Vow" and I put together this songwriting template that I am really proud of.

    I wanted this template to be easily accessible - so you won't need any third party software (except the Counterkit drums). This Mix-Ready template is using stock and free plugins for mixing & mastering + the free amp sims by ML Sound Lab and STL Tones. Listen to the sound demo to hear the template in action!


    Speed up your workflow with this Mix-Ready songwriting template!

    Sound Demos

    Sound Demo:


    You need:

    The different DAW versions are using different plugins. Here you can see which plugins you need for your DAW:

    • Cubase
    • Reaper
    • Studio One
    • Logic Pro X


    If you like the setup of a Mix-Ready template, but you want to use other plugins (different amp sims or mixing plugins...) then feel free to e-mail me:

    Thank you!



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