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Sound Demos


20 Mix-Ready presets for Neural DSP Archetype: Plini

  • Cleans, low gain and high gain tones
  • Includes a list of the pickups that I used while creating the presets and sound demos - so you know if a preset works best with sparkly single coils or beefy humbuckers
  • Easy to use and no additional processing required

This is a collection of 20 Mix-Ready presets for the powerful Fortin Nameless Suite amp sim by Neural DSP. I created those presets while continiously working with that amp sim and a variety of bands, guitars and pickups. You will find a pdf file included, where I mention the guitar pickups that were used for each preset and sound demo.

There are 3 presets for clean tones, 6 low gain crunch tones that are great for Rock or Pop Punk and 11 high gain presets for crushing rhythm tones. After all, it's those high gain tones the Nameless Suite amp sim is know for!


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