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Sound demo:

This songwriting template can be used for Rock, Punkrock, Hardrock, Metal and everything in between. Listen to the sound demo to hear how the template handles both soft and aggressive styles of music.

UPDATE: Now also includes a stock plugins only version! So you don't need the third party plugins (TDR Slick EQ, Molot compressor and Limiter No6) anymore.


  • Studio One (5 or above)
What's included
  • Mix-Ready drums (GGD Modern & Massive) with MIDI examples and custom drum map for Studio One
  • Bass DI processing (separate channels for low-end and distortion)
  • Cutting edge rhythm guitar tone
  • Guitar tracks for Cleans, Leads and effects
  • The DI tracks of the demo song - so you can analyze the mixing process behind it
You need
  1. Limiter №6

  2. VOS SlickEQ

  3. Molot Compressor

* I can replace the Neural DSP Fortin Nameless plugin with amp sims of your choice! For any customizations, just send me an e-mail to :)


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