MixWave: Mario Duplantier "Gojira Kit"

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UPDATE 1.1: This template is now using version 1.1 of the MixWave Gojira drum kit with the additional Timbales and Babar sounds.

Sound Demo 1 (Cubase | Basic Version):

Sound Demo 2 (Logic Pro X | Basic Version):

Thanks to MixWave, you can now have the Gojira drum sound in your productions! With this Mix-Ready template you will save a lot of time, because all the routing, balancing and processing is already made for you. It also includes custom drum maps for your DAW, so you can see all the drum names in the MIDI editor. This makes drum programming way easier.

Listen to the sound demo to hear this drum mix in action! The song is 'Born For One Thing' by Gojira. The MIDI and STEMS are included when buying this template.

  • Multi Out routing
  • 3 versions included: Basic, Fabfilter and Slate plugin versions
  • CPU friendly drum processing
  • Master bus processing
  • Custom Mix-Ready drum maps
  • The drum MIDI and STEMS of the demo song, so you can listen to the individual elements of the mix and analyze how they interact with the drums.

  • Cubase (8 and above. Elements, Artist and Pro)
  • Reaper
  • Logic Pro X
  • Studio One 5 (and above)
  • Ableton Live (11 and above)

You need:

* not needed for the Logic Pro X version

Please have a look at the FAQ section or e-mail me if you got any questions! :)



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