Songwriting Template "Pizza Kit" | Logic Pro X

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Full songwriting template for Rock, Poppunk, modern Punkrock and even Hardcore!

Sound demo:

Warning Update: Warning

This download now also contains a stock plugins only version!

What's included:

  • Mix-Ready drums (GGD Modern & Massive) with MIDI examples and drum map
  • Powerful bass DI processing
  • Modern sounding rhythm guitars
  • Additional guitar tracks for Quad Tracking and Leads
  • FX tracks and bass drops for that extra oomph :P
  • The raw DI tracks of the demo song


  • Logic Pro X

You need:

***Free software***

* not needed in the stock plugins only version

***Paid software***


Note: If you want the plugins to be changed, I can adjust the template for you and replace the amp sim, compressors, EQs etc. Just hit me up for any customization and we'll find a way! :)


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