Songwriting Template "Criminal" | GGD P3

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Using mixing templates is not a crime! With the 'Criminal' songwriting template you will get modern and punchy sounding productions in no time.

DAWs (all included when buying this template):

  • Cubase 8 and above (Elements, Artist and Pro)
  • Studio One
  • Reaper
  • Logic Pro X
What's included
  • Mix-Ready drums (GGD P3) with a custom drum map (sorted and labeled for easy drum programming)
  • Custom One Shot samples that enhance the drum sound even further
  • Midi Bass for a consistent low-end (EuroBass 2 by Submission Audio)
  • Hard hitting, modern guitar tones (Neural DSP: Soldano and ML SoundLab)
  • Additional guitar tracks for Quad Tracking, Leads and Ambient guitars
  • FX tracks with snare bombs, reverse snare effects and risers for extra impact
  • The raw DI tracks of the demo song - so you can dive deep into the mix and analyze exactly what is going on.

Plugin requirements (paid products):

Plugin requirements (free products):

* The Molot Compressor, Limiter No6 and GClip plugins are not needed for Logic Pro X and Studio One.


Sound demos

Sound demo (Cubase):

Sound demo (Reaper):

Sound demo (Logic Pro X):

Sound demo (Studio One):



This template was made using only stock and free plugins for the mixing process (Except the GGD P3 drum samples, EuroBass 2 and Neural DSP Soldano amp sim, which are paid products). This 'Basic version' is exactly what you are hearing in the YouTube demo video and is exactly what you will receive when buying this product. If you want me to customize the template for you (with different amp sims or plugins) please send an e-mail to


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