Songwriting Template "Architects"

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Full songwriting template in the style of Architects: Big & punchy drums, a massive bass tone, articulate rhythm guitars and atmospheric leads.


  • Cubase 8 and above (Elements, Artist and Pro)
  • Reaper
  • Logic Pro X
  • Ableton Live
  • Studio One 4 and above
  • FL Studio

    This template includes:

    • Mix-Ready drums (GGD OKW 'Architects' with Multi-Out routing)
    • Mix-Ready One Shot samples to reinforce the GGD drum samples
    • Custom Mix-Ready Drum Map for easy drum programming
    • Rhythm, Clean, Lead and Bass guitar tones with state of the art amp sims
    • In-depth processing with stock and free plugins only
    • Master bus processing for glue, punch and commercial loudness
    • Additional FX tracks (such as Snare Bombs, Bass Drops...)
    • The DI tracks and whole arrangement of the demo song - so you can listen to the individual elements of the mix and analyse how they add up to the finished mix.

    It is time! I have been working on this for several weeks and now I am very proud to present you: the Mix-Ready Architects Songwriting Template!

    Obviously I had to choose the incredible GGD One Kit Wonder 'Architects' drum samples for this, but I added additional One Shot samples on top to make those drums cut through the dense wall of bass and guitars. If you compare those drums to my Mix-Ready GGD OKW: Architects template, you will hear that the drums are processed even further, for a maximum of impact.

    You can use a real bass guitar or VSTi bass in this template. The processing is done with Neural DSP: Parallax. I prepared the tracks so that you can instantly start recording your bass or write the bass midi. I used Submission Audio: Eurobass for the demo song, but you can replace it easily with a VSTi bass of your choice.

    The guitar sounds are created with the Neural DSP: Archetype Nolly amp simulation. Aggressive rhythm tones, mellow cleans and ambient lead tones - it's all included. I prepared two 'Octave down' tracks with Neural DSP: Gojira. You can hear them in the breakdown of the demo song. The octaver pedal of the Gojira amp sim is tuning the guitar DI down one octave and then running it through a gnarly high gain tone. This is great if you want to beef up some sections of your songs!

    The dreamy piano sound is the free Virtual instrument LABS by Spitfire Audio. Additionally, you will receive extra FX sounds such as Snare Bombs and Impacts.

    Speed up your workflow with this Mix-Ready songwriting template!

    Sound Demos

    Sound Demo 1:

      Sound Demo 2 (Reaper):

      Sound Demo 3 (Logic Pro X):


      You need:

      * Those additional plugins are not needed for the Logic Pro X version and Ableton version.


      I am available for customizations of any of my templates. If you like the setup of a Mix-Ready template, but you want to use other plugins (different amp sims or mixing plugins...) just send me an e-mail to :)

      Thank you!



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