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Sound demo:

*** Update: Now includes a stock plugins only version! You don't need the third party plugins anymore to get this drum sound! This is especially interesting for macOS users that have trouble to install the third party plugins. You will automatically receive all available versions when buying this template. ***


  • Studio One 4 (Kontakt 6 version)
  • Studio One 5 and above (Kontakt 7 version)

You need:

For the standard version:

  • 3 additional free plugins (click on the names to download them):
  1. Limiter №6

  2. VOS SlickEQ

  3. Molot Compressor 


If you have any questions, just write an e-mail to :)

If you want that drum sound, but you are using different plugins - I can adjust the template for you! I offer customizations for all the Mix-Ready templates.


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