GGD Invasion "Brutal Kit" | Logic Pro X

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Sound demo:

Warning Update for newer macOS: Warning

This download now also contains a stock plugins only version!

The demo song for this template was provided by Logan Young (Reflections, I The Breather, Dal Av). He is an awesome dude and really talented guitarist! I made this template so he could use it for his songwriting and he allowed me to share it with you guys! Get yourself some heavy drum tones for your heavy mixes!



  • Logic Pro X

You need:

  • Kontakt 6 Player (free) or Full Version
  • GGD Invasion drum sample library
  • Logic Pro X stock PlugIns
  • 3 additional Plugins:
  1. Limiter №6 (free)

  2. VOS SlickEQ (free)

  3. DF-Comp

If you have any questions about my templates or want any adjustments / customisations, just write an e-mail to! I am glad to help :)


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