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This is a complete songwriting template in the style of Pop Punk. It's using the free ML Drums 2.0 and amp sims by ML Sound Lab.


  • Cubase 8 and above (Elements, Artist and Pro)
  • Reaper
  • Studio One
  • Logic Pro X
  • Ableton Live
  • FL Studio
  • Garage Band


      This template includes:

      • Mix-Ready drums (the free version of ML Drums 2.0 by ML Sound Lab)
      • Custom Mix-Ready Drum Map for easy drum programming
      • Rhythm, Clean, Lead and Bass guitar tones with some of the best free amp sims by ML Sound Lab
      • In-depth processing with stock and free plugins
      • Master bus processing for glue, punch and commercial loudness
      • The DI tracks, MIDI and whole arrangement of the demo song. It's a little Pop Punk track that I wrote to showcase the ML Drums in a full mix.

      Is it possible to create a professional, modern sounding mix with only free software? My answer is yes! Listen to the sound demo of this Mix-Ready template and decide for yourself. :) I am really happy with how this turned out and I think this can be a great tool for any musician / songwriter for Pop Punk, Rock and Alternative.

      The guys from ML Sound Lab were so kind to let me test their ML Drums 2.0 drum sample library before release. It is packed with features and the drums have been sampled very well. What most of home producers will appreciate the most: You don't need Kontakt for it! It works like a charm and the routing is so much simpler than with Kontakt libraries.

      And it doesn't stop there: ML Drums even comes with a free version! It has less toms and less cymbals, but everything else works just like the full version. I used this free kit for this Mix-Ready template and I recommend you try it out for yourself.

      The guitar tones are the free Amped Roots and Amped Stevie T amp sims. I tried different combinations of amp settings and the built-in IRs, so that the tones blend really nicely and that there is separation between the rhythms and lead tones.

      The bass is using the free TSE BOD v3 plugin (sans amp emulation), which has become my go-to little bass plugin. 

      Speed up your workflow with this Mix-Ready songwriting template!


      Sound Demos

      Sound Demo:


      You need:

      *not needed for Logic Pro X, Garageband and Ableton


      If you like the setup of a Mix-Ready template, but you want to use other plugins (other drums, other amp sims, other mixing plugins...) then please send me an e-mail to

      Thank you!



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